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James Seconde

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Beginning Journeys

Sparking up a career, a passion and a speciality.

James Seconde

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Sparking up a career, a passion and a speciality.

It's been a long time coming, but we're finally here: a site to contain my writing in the world of tech and info on my speaking.

I already have a few subjects in my head right now, so will gradually get content out from my existing writing with my current employer and an in-depth article on the subject of my current UK talk on elisitm/gatekeeping in the world of tech.

Thanks go out to the excellent Ryan Fitzgerald for his great starter framework for a basic blog in GatsbyJS. While this site is a fork of it, I'll gradually customise and refactor it over time to add new features, but as a starter to the slightly steep learning curve of Gatsby it's been fantastic. Once Gatsby's power of React components compiling, Markdown parsing when building and it's brilliant GraphQL API Data layer is on show, it really is an eye opener for what static site generators can achieve.

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Hi! I'm James. I do Developer Relations at Vonage.